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What can hypnosis do for me? 

The short answer is: hypnosis helps you help yourself to create a positive outcome!

Hypnosis provides a fast, easy, safe, pleasant way to ease your pressing needs, such as chronic pain, anxiety, and much more. As a matter of fact, the American Medical Association approved the use of hypnosis in 1958.

Using hypnosis as a tool allows your mind to have the freedom to ‘correct’ the issues or issues that manifest symptoms – physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Your Mind – behind the conscious mind is a very powerful subconscious, and when given the freedom from the conscious mind’s constant criticism, it will always work to create the best outcome for you.


Hypnosis is unlike being asleep. While you are is a state of hypnosis, you are in control over your mind and your feelings. In contrast to the ideas some people may have, you hear everything that is being said to you, unlike during sleep.

While being in the state hypnosis you have the ability to come out of it very easily, at any moment you choose. In fact, you feel so relaxed, at ease and you may well enjoy a special state of mind-body relaxation.  Many people comment on their feeling of comfort and security or the sensation of lightness or floating. What is particularly pleasant about hypnosis is the fact that it is natural and safe when used by trained professionals. Almost everyone can learn to use it by themselves in a way to help themselves. 

“To shift your life in a desired direction, you must powerfully shift your subconscious.” 

‘Kevin Michel’

Some functions of the subconscious mind:

Control all of our body’s functions, stores ALL our long-term memories, personal beliefs, fears, imagination, self-identity, habits, shame and guilt.

Understands clear images and metaphors, has only one time zone-the present, which means no past or future. Holds only positive intentions.

Some functions of the Conscious Mind:

This part of our mind takes just about 5-10% of our mind.

In charge of our decision making, our future plans and goals, behavior, critical thinking, settings and short term memory.

Retirement life Coaching

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been”  George Elliot

I support men and women ages 55 and over, to embrace their greatness into their future.

Did you always say,  “When I retire, I’ll have the time to do lots of things I can’t while working?” 

Of course you did.  Now, that the time is here,  and you are dealing with the new reality.  Are you dealing with any of the following: 

  • Fear of change         
  • Anxiety of  the unknown
  • How can I say no to taking care of my grandkids-I adore them! 
  • Do I have to cook and serve 3 meals a day NOW?
  •  Missing my work friends
  • Loneliness 
  • Even traveling is not an option this days 
  • I would like to supplement my retirement income
Together we will weed out all your doubts, fears and worries,
leaving you with clarity and a plan of actions tailored to your needs.
Why Choose Me

I help you make it happen!!!


I find being highly intuitive as one of my strong listening tools

Judgment free zone

Together we create a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental and, most of all, confidential space where we can explore your dreams and aspirations.

The Mirror effect

The mirror of truth that I hold for you, points out all the wonderful traits and abilities you can't or won't see for yourself


What My Clients Say

From the very first hypnosis session I had with Ofra for weight loss, I find I’m making better and healthier food choices. I totally lost interest in snacking- mindless eating. As a side effect, my blood sugar levels have gone down and my energy has increased to my delight. I fit into those clothes that shrunk…. And enjoy shopping for clothes again. My working with Ofra allowed me get back control of the food I consume daily. And that’s a wonderful feeling!!!! I find Ofra to be very supportive, intuitive, a good listener with no judgment. Make your appointment You will be happy you did.
Ilene Y.
Long Island N.Y.
Being coached by you, Ofra, I was able me to have clarity of my professional vision and ways of achieving them. The coaching has been extremely valuable. Ofra is a wonderful coach with insights that I find beneficial, practical and useful. Besides getting feedback related to my career our coaching sessions also provided valuable information regarding my family life and how I relate better to my children.
New York
I'm an amateur musician and have always had a difficult time playing for others. I can play perfectly well when practicing on my own. But as soon as someone walks in the room, everything goes wrong. I make mistakes I don't usually make, my hands feel uncertain of their position, I feel adrenaline pumping through me and I find, sometimes, it's difficult to even read the music. In two sessions with Ofra, she has helped me immensely. As an example, a friend of ours came over who we hadn't seen for a while. My partner asked me to play something for them on my harpsichord. I just sat down, picked out a piece and began playing. I didn't think about it until after, but I realized I wasn't nervous, didn't make a bunch of mistakes, my hands moved with ease and I felt comfortable. At long last, I felt comfortable playing for someone. Thank You Ofra!!!

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