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My name is Ofra, I am a retired business owner – over the 25 years that I have spent caring for many clients as an esthetician, I have realized where my true passion is. 

Having given a sympathetic ear to lots of my clients’ life stories, following their thoughts, feelings and experiences into lots of different directions, I feel immensely privileged to have been granted access to the innermost recesses of human hearts and minds. 

All these experiences have piqued my interest in the field of coaching and self-improvement, and this is what prompted me to follow my heart into the business of coaching. In 2010, I became a professional coach (International Coaching Academy certified and accredited). Following that path, I developed an interest in infinite benefits of hypnosis; this led me to Ali Campbell and his accredited academy of Hypnotherapy.

I find hypnosis to be a very fast and effective way of supporting my clients’ desire to change their habits and so improve their lives.

In my coaching practice, I support my clients in times of change and upheaval, especially those related to retirement. It is at times like these that we all ask lots of questions, try to plan for the unexpected and try to cope with huge changes. I help my clients reframe sense of loss into sense of opportunity; sadness of endings into excitement of new beginnings …

I have created a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental, and – most of all – confidential space, where we can explore your dreams and aspirations.

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