your body is talking to you, what should you listen to

This Is Why

Hypnosis can make the difference


Anxiety effects every aspect of our daily life. Just imagine, life without stress, No IBS, No Migraines, No Panic Attacks , No loss of sleep

Low self esteem/self confidence

Unleash your inner powers! All in there, buried under layers of... clean up and rise up!

Chronic Pain

Pain is a necessary evil, it's our body alarm system. But it does't have to hurt soooo much. Hypnosis can reduce it to manageable levels

Smoke NO more

As an ex smoker, I understand you. I know how much you want to kick the habit. Book your appointment, you will be happy you did!

Weight reduction

Thrive and not just survive. Hypnosis will change your relationship with food.  And you will be surprise how fast it happens.

Fear of Failure/Success

What you think about, you bring about. Together we can move your action to match you thinking

This Is Why

Retirement Coaching

Can I change Career?

I have no idea to what and how? I do want to keep earning an income


Will they want me to cater to them now? What do I really feel about it? How to handle that topic

My spouse is Home Always

How to set our boundaries? Get clear on your expectations and how to discuss it with your significant other

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