What My Clients Say


I had a great session with Ofra, I knew I was in good hands from the start as she took time to really listen to me, I then thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing session and felt very relaxed.  Following the Hypnosis session I got the desired results which I am delighted about.  I highly recommend Ofra.


scotland, UK
Ofra is an excellent coach for me I really recommend to have coaching experience with her. She is a life “teacher”, a life coach. She demonstrates the intelligence and coaching skills to coach through varies life situations. She was fully devoted and present in all our coaching sessions. She was not perfect only in asking the right questions, but also giving a hint or piece of advice when really necessary. She demonstrated a lot of sensitivity, listening, compassion and avoiding judgments. In such coaching environment it was easy to open up and have trust that I am coached into the right direction. She is my “safety-net” and cheer leader. I achieved my goals while being coached by her. Thank you so much Ofra.

Anita K.

Vienna, Austria

As they say when the student is ready the teacher appears, I was not aware of the value of coaching. To my delight it was offered to me at a time I needed it the most. From the coaching I have gotten valuable tools to use on a daily basis.  Ofra got me in a very objective way, not imposing any opinion she might have had and gave the tools to find what best for me and as a result I’m happy with my actions I took.


Nitza A.

Berlin, Germany

I loved my coaching experience with Ofra; She is supportive and perfectly suited to me. Ofra was able to pick up on my true needs and issues, which I had never truly seen clearly. I felt that after teach call I was understood and inspired, and truly grateful for her.

I took away so much, I received clarity and awareness to what situations have been triggering me and what limitations I have been speaking into my life, due to my coaching sessions I received new strategies to change existing triggers and beliefs.


Brooklyn, New York

I’ve had hypnotherapy from Ofra to overcome my shopping addiction/impulse buying. What a difference this has made to my whole family’s life. This has helped me financially and reduced my stress levels. Can’t thank her enough for changing my life.

Also had hypnotherapy from Ofra for type 2 insomnia. Could always get to sleep at night but would wake up after an hour or so and be lying awake until it was time to get up. The tiredness was overwhelming and affecting my concentration at work. Ofra sorted me out in 1 session. I have been sleeping like a baby since and it’s made such a difference to my overall well-being. Ofra is so friendly, professional and reassuring. I would recommend her to anyone needing to ‘fix ‘something in their life.


Julie Q

scotland, UK

After each session with Ofra I always felt very empowered. Ofra knew exactly what to say and when to say it. There were many things that I discovered about myself, one of the most important being to fulfil a dream that I have had for quite a while now. Ofra brought out the courage and strength that I knew I always had inside of myself to start pursuing this dream, and I have never been happier or more excited. Much thanks Ofra!


Long Island, New York

All of my life I have suffered with lack of confidence and low self-esteem.  It has blighted my career as I never felt intelligent enough; my friendships, thought I wasn’t good enough for people to like and accept me.  I negated all my qualifications as if I could do it anyone could.  Felt I had nothing of intelligence to say.  Crippling self-doubt was caused through the lack of confidence.  I have tried practically every method to build confidence but all of them failed then I had a hypnosis with Ofra.  The change in me is amazing.  I am confident, feel that I am of value in every aspect of my life, no longer question the love of my family.  My husband is loving the new me, he always saw my value and is over the moon that I can now see it too.   

Jan W.

Wales, UK

What makes Ofra a great coach?  She established trust with me the first day we met and her concern for me and my issues was obvious.  Ofra’s timing was perfect in knowing when to ask powerful questions, acknowledge me or just quietly allow me to hear myself and answer my own questions.  Her tools were very useful; the visualizations she walked me through were awesome and so enlightening.  Ofra listened deeply and was intuitive in helping re-frame my perspectives.  I felt that she was really my champion and my personal advocate.  It has been an awesome coaching experience and I am very grateful to her and pleased with where I am in my life right now; mostly due to Ofra’s influence.  Thanks, Ofra!  Because of our times together, I feel better equipped and completer and more whole to move forward in my own coaching practice.


Pennsylvania, U.S.A

The Main reason I turned to Ofra was to help me be more assertive in my relationship with my sister, so I can talk to her from my heart. As a result of very few coaching sessions I feel I am a woman of power, and I have full control of my actions.

Ofra has allowed me the ability to freely express myself and explore my childhood fears and patterns without feeling judged. I know that I’m able to divulge all my insecurities without any reservation

This experience of this coaching relationship will continue to allow me to assert myself and give me a new way of expressing my fears, my needs and wants for my life.


Olga R

Long Island, New York

John H.

Scotland, UK

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